Our Method

What We Do

A Well-Fed World is a hunger relief and animal protection organization chipping away at two of the world's most immense, unnecessary and unconscionable forms of suffering... the suffering of people from lack of food and the suffering of animals used as food.

We have a positive, practical and action-led approach that produces immediate assistance for those in need and structural change for lasting results.

We raise funds, partner with, and promote innovative, highly-effective projects that strengthen:

  • vegan feeding programs
  • farm animal care & rescue
  • pro-veg advocacy & community-building

We provide quarterly grants to approximately a dozen projects in the U.S. and internationally... more than 150 grants to date.

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Mending Our Food System

Mending our food system is a crucial part of solving the world's most destructive and persistent problems. Fortunately, the foods that promote health and well-being are the same foods that conserve scarce resources to better feed the world, while reducing greenhouse gas emissions and protecting the environment.

It's a win-win-win situation but the process is hindered by habit, inadequate nutrition education, and vested interests. A Well-Fed World provides the means for change by empowering individuals, social justice organizations and political decision-makers to embrace the benefits of shifting to plant-based foods and farming.

We Promote Eating Green & Eating Well:

  • Maximizing plant-based foods - Minimizing animal products.
  • Maximizing whole foods - Minimizing processed food.
  • Maximizing organic foods - Minimizing "conventional" pesticide-laden foods.
  • Maximizing local, sustainable farming - Minimizing long-distant travel.
  • Maximizing nutritious food choices - Minimizing junk foods.

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Our Niche

  • AWFW is a hunger relief AND animal protection organization that explicitly promotes the benefits of wholesome, plant-based eating and other green food choices.
  • AWFW is based in Washington, DC and works across the partisan, issue, and religious divides to empower individuals, grassroots groups, and national leaders.

  • AWFW provides immediate assistance for those in need, as well as, creating structural change for far-reaching, long-term results.
  • AWFW connects with a broad range of social justice organizations around eating green in general and reducing meat consumption in particular.

Our Pro-Veg Focus

We highlight the benefits of reducing meat consumption because of its:

  • immense and immediate potential for positive change
  • relative ease in implementing
  • compatibility with other reforms

Many environmental, health, and food justice organizations acknowledge the benefits of reducing U.S. and global meat consumption, but resist advocating solutions that may be unpopular and risk alienating their member base.

Increasingly, however, the idea of 'kicking the meat habit' is becoming mainstream, especially with partial measures like the increasing popularity of Meatout Mondays, our PB&J Campaign, and similar initiatives.

Practices do not need to be all-or-nothing to be powerful. Partial steps taken on a large scale can make a much bigger impact than a small percentage of people following the ideal recommendations.

Fortunately, there's no need to choose between the two options.  Those who are able and willing to implement the greenest, vegetarian/vegan ideal choices make the greatest impact... the benefits are proportional and all add up for the greater good.

That's why AWFW promotes both the ideal and incremental change. We encourage concerned citizens to step-up to the challenge as much as possible. The more change that's implemented, the greater the impact.

We also focus on making individual and societal change easier by working with government and industry to increase the accessibility of healthful, green food options and improve nutrition education. Every day and every meal, we have the power to make choices that improve our health and the health of our planet.