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April 2nd - National PB&J Day

Join the fun --> National PB&J Day on April 2nd!

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Join us for great things from this highly innovative and incredibly accessible way to eat less meat and share with others.


How it Began

PB&J logoThe PB&J Campaign was created by Bernard Brown as a way to protect the environment by reducing the amount of animal products people eat. While beginning as an online campaign, it has grown into a grassroots effort with community outreach events (including AWFW) on PB&J Day (April 2nd) and year-round.


Why PB&J is an AWFW Favorite

  • PB&J - Jaime & dog

    It's environmentally- and animal-friendly
  • It's a novel and friendly attention-getter
  • It's easy-to-implement (at home & as outreach)
  • It's a simple message and an effective approach
  • It's versatile to fit a variety of tastes and needs
  • It's compatible with other environmental efforts
  • It's got reach - millions of people love PB&J
  • It's easy to get active - join AWFW & PB&J.

Get Active with PB&J

It's easy to get active with PB&J. You can set-up a table outside, at events, or your local store. We have free handouts and you can visit The PB&J Store for t-shirts, stickers, and apron (as seen above).

PB&J Variations

  • Replace jelly with different flavored preserves or whole fruits (such as bananas or apples)
  • Try different types of nut butters (almond, cashew, hazelnut, and others... There's also great seed butters (sesame, sunflower, and pumpkin).
  • Update the white bread of yesteryear with whole grain breads, crackers, or use nut and seed butters directly on fruits and vegetables. Want a hearty breakfast... add them to bagels or English muffins.

AWFW Founder's Favorite

I first learned about The PB&J Campaign through our Sustainable Keys Global Grants program--they were one of our first award winners.  Since then, we've worked together in a variety of ways and the campaign has also changed my personal food choices.

Now one of my favorite meals or snacks is a peanut butter sandwich with apple on the side. I use an organic, natural peanut butter (smooth not crunchy) on my favorite wheat bread. The peanut butter is high in protein and since it has no added fat (like conventional brands), I consider the fat one of the "good fats." The apple provides additional vitamins and fiber with just the right amount of sweetness. For an added nutritional boost, I add chia seeds (yes, those chia seeds).

So that's my favorite... what's yours? Email our Directory, Gary Loewenthal at and let us know.

Don't forget to check out the PB&J website and blog.

For a healthy, well-fed world ~ Dawn