General Information

  • Proposals accepted year-round. Funds distributed quarterly.

  • Program grants are generally $1,000, but can range from $500-$5,000.
  • Grants are generally for one-time and/or one-project. Exceptions for partnership programs and event sponsorships.
  • Project wrap-up reports should be submitted by email (with photos when possible).

  • Priority is given to small groups with projects that help low-income countries and/or low-income communities in the U.S.

  • 501(c)(3) status is NOT required.

  • Groups that receive funding will be featured in online and print publications (unless exception is requested). Example of online summary.

  • Grants are only provided for legal activities that use/promote plant-based foods and/or care for farm animals - AWFW mission.


Application Details

This information is for reference. Applications do NOT need to include all the details.

  • Email with the project details outlined below (as applicable).
  • Keep proposal clear and well-organized. Other details welcome but not required. Quality is more important than quantity. References are encouraged. 
  • Provide name and full contact/mailing details of group and/or project. We need to know where to send the funding if approved.
  • Include website and Facebook details if applicable.
  • What is the purpose of the project? Why is it important, unique, etc.
  • Who is the target audience? Include numbers if available.
  • Specify if you can provide photos with the wrap-up report.
  • If there is not a specific project, provide details about the group's ongoing activities.
  • Provide budget information, including other funding sources if applicable.

We regret that we do not send funds via wire.

Due to large response, we may not reply if the proposal is not accepted.

Thanks & Good Luck!