Ethiopian Conference & Food Sharing

Vegan Food Partners Conference

Ethiopia Food Conference 2012Addis Ababa, Ethiopia

The Vegan Food Partners conference was a smashing success with 100 attendees and fully taped by Ethiopian TV.

A joint project of A Well-Fed World, the International Fund for Africa and the Ethiopian Vegan Association, the conference exceeded our expectations and produced collaborative projects and action items on the spot.


Full Report on the Conference and Food Share Program

Conference Background

A Well-Fed World once again partnered with the International Fund for Africa (IFA) and the Ethiopian Vegan Association for a 2012 follow-up to the 2010 Conference in Addis Abba. 

Ethiopian Vegan Association

AWFW's Founding Director, Dawn Moncrief, joined IFA and EVA on location to present and help organize the conference, training, and the Food Share Program. Conference attendees included: media, NGO's, members of  parliament, Ethiopian EPA, environmentalists, and student groups.

In 2010, the government newspaper, The Reporter, covered the unprecedented event. In 2012, it was the TV station. The conference provided detailed information on the health, hunger, environmental and animal protection benefits of plant-based food choices and policies, particularly in Ethiopia.

Food Share Program in Addis Ababa

Ethiopian Feeding Program 2010

Later in the week, we trained of local activists teaching vital information on how to procure, prepare, transport and distribute food.

With the success of the conference, we were able to recruit new, ambitious and dedicated volunteers so what had started as a monthly program in 2010, is now a weekly program that feeds more than 100 people for only $60.

As Anteneh Roba, President of IFA explains, "the program is both exhilarating and sad with so many hungry people, many children, who line-up for clean and nutritious vegan food."


EVA Future Feedings

Ethiopian Feeding Program 2010

Even with EVA volunteers and receiving food donations from local restaurants and groceries, the Feeding Program depends on financial and material support from partner organizations AWFW and IFA.  

The process is further complicated because all activities must be cleared through the Ethiopian government. To retain NGO status, EVA must show consistent donations and activities.

Thanks to AWFW members, we are able to keep this program alive helping some of the world's poorest and most desperate people. Please donate here if you can help support this much-needed program.

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By Mia MacDonald, Founder and Executive Director