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Upcoming Events...

  • April 2 ~ National PB&J Day: Global - *AWFW Campaign*
  • April 20-28 ~ Worldwide Vegan Bake Sale: Global - *AWFW Campaign*
  • April 22 ~ Vegan Earth Day: Global
  • July 2-6 ~ Vegetarian Summerfest: Johnstown, PA
  • July 10-13 ~ Animal Rights 2014 National Conference: Los Angeles, CA
  • October 1 ~ World Vegetarian Day: Global
  • October 2 ~ World Day for Farmed Animals: Global
  • November 1 ~ World Vegan Day: Global
  • November 27 ~ Gentle Thanksgiving: National

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2013 Past Events...

2012 Past Events...

December 1 ~ Animal Voices Radio Interview

Live from Vancouver, Dawn spoke with the Animal Voices radio program on the connection between human and animal suffering. She was also able to touch on our gift-giving program, Plants4Hunger, which we launched as a direct alternative to Heifer International.

November 22 ~ VSDC Life Affirming Thanksgiving

VSDC Thanksgiving 2012The VSDC Life Affirming Thanksgiving is an annual event bringing together both vegetarians and curious omnivores to celebrate thanksgiving with compassion. A Well-Fed World was in attendance this year along side key note speaker Dr. Milton Mills as well as special guest, Congressman Dennis Kucinich. 


October 24 ~ Food Day at the Capitol Building

Jaime at Food DayTo celebrate the 2nd anniversary of Food Day we traveled to the Capitol building to hear experts in the field of food and agriculture debate and explain where they see our food system in 2050. This free event served as a great forum for discussion on many of today's pressing topics including: obesity, animal welfare and farm subsidies.


October 11 ~ Global Diet and Sustainability Conference

Our founder, Dawn Moncrief traveled to NYC to attend the Global Diet and Sustainability Conference. The goal of the event was to assess the negative externalities of animal agriculture. 


October 7 ~ Poplar Spring Open House

Poplar Spring Animal Sanctuary held their annual open house. This fundraising event gives everyone the opportunity to visit the sanctuary's resuced farm animals as they live out their lives free from harm. A Well-Fed World is a long time supporter of their work we  look forward to their Thanksgiving For The Turkeys in November.


October 2 ~ World Farm Animals Day

World Farm Animals Day, founded in 1983, by the Farm Animal Rights Movement (FARM), is dedicated to exposing and memorializing the needless suffering and death of cows, pigs, turkeys, chickens, and other innocent, sentient animals raised and slaughtered for food. Participants all over the world held protests, distributed pro-veg literature, organized vegan potlucks, and much more.

October 1 ~ World Vegetarian Day

World Vegetarian Day is the kick off to Vegetarian Awareness month. For the month of October, individuals are encouraged to take a vegan pledge and abstain from animal products for one month.


September 29-30 ~ Green Festival

Green vendors, speakers, and advocates gathered together in the Washington DC Convention Center to celebrate growing and supporting the green community. With neighbors like Compassion Over Killing and FARM, A Well-Fed World had several meaningful conversations in the Community Action Center regarding the connection between veganism and environmentalism.

September 22 ~ DC VegFest

Compassion Over Killing and The Vegetarian Society of DC did an extraordinary job organizing one of the year's biggest festivals. With it's new location at Yard's Park, the festival brought thousands of people to hear, see and taste all things vegan. We were thrilled with the reception we got from new and potential vegans. Can't wait until next year!


September 13-16 ~ International Animal Rights Conference

Our founder, Dawn Moncrief, traveled to Luxembourg to participate in this year's International Animal Rights Conference.This annual event brings together activists, scholars, and movement leaders from all over the world to collaborate and improve lives for animals. Dawn was able to give a presentation on the relationship between meat consumption and global hunger.

September 8 ~ Green Living Expo

green living expoWashington residents gathered at The University of The District of Columbia to celebrate all things green. Live Green, the social enterprise aimed at growing the local green economy, organized the expo hoping to connect people to the many eco friendly businesses in the DC Metro area.  We were happy to sponsor and table at this event and enjoyed meeting many curious and engaged individuals.


August 2-5 ~ Animal Rights Conference 2012

A gathering of activists from all over the world, AR 2012 is an inspiring place. Full of thoughtful debate, insightful speakers, and great fun, AR once again, delivered with gusto. The 4 day animal extravaganza supercharged our activist batteries, and we look forward to the event being in DC again next year.


July 27-30 ~ Taking Action For Animals

Mike Markarian at TAFA 12TAFA never fails to bring us a polished, well-rounded conference. Full of many veg-curious folks, we were able to reach hundreds with our message of feeding families and saving animals. TAFA is taking a hiatus next year but we will certainly be in attendance in 2014. 



July 20 ~ The Healthy Planet Radio Show

Live from Long Island, Dawn had the opportunity to talk with Bob DiBenedetto of the Healthy Planet Radio Show. Topics included how our current livestock industry exacerbates a lot of our environmental and food security challenges around the world. Listen here.

July 19 ~ Wild Kat Radio Show

Local DC Radio host, Wild Kat, hosted our founder, Dawn Moncrief, to talk about A Well-Fed World. Wild Kat, a vibrant host on "The Flow" radio network, covered the latest news and events of AWFW and all the great things ahead. Listen here.


July 12 ~ Veganpalooza

The first of it's kind, Veganpalooza is an online virtual summit that brought together dozens of movement leaders to have a global discussion of the past, present, and future of veganism.  A Well-Fed World was a proud sponsor and speaker at their inaugural event. Utilizing technology and the brightest minds in the movement, Veganpalooza was a unique opportunity to spread the message of veganism and make it accessible to everyone.  Can't wait for next year!

June 27- July 1 ~ Vegetarian Summerfest- Johnstown, PA

summerfest 2012

We just returned from the Vegetarian Summerfest in Johnstown, PA. It was a busy and fruitful time... connecting with grassroots activists, movement leaders, and friends (old and new). In addition to our greatest hits we added 3 new talks to this year's agenda: "Humane Labels & Loopholes," "Heifer International and Animal-Friendly Gift-Giving," and "The Meat Crisis and Gas Prices."

May 27, 2012 ~ Veggie Pride Parade- NYC

New Yorkers took to the streets for the 5th annual Veggie Pride Parade. A Well-Fed World was a proud sponsor for the third year in a row. Following the parade, Union Square filled with dozens of groups tabling as well as several inspiring speakers. 


May 20, 2012 ~ Poplar Spring Run For The Animals- Wheaton, MD

We are proud to have once again sponsored this important outreach event that brings together dozens of organizations and hundreds of people to benefit Poplar Spring Animal Sanctuary. Poplar Spring Animal Sanctuary, located in Poolesville, Maryland, is an all volunteer non-profit organization dedicated animal advocacy, humane education and rescuing farm animals.


April 28, 2012 ~ Baltimore VegFest - Baltimore, MD

Baltimore VegFest

The second annual Baltimore VegFest was a great success. Hundreds of Maryland residents came out to the UMBC campus to explore great veg food, hear inspiring speakers, and chat with the dozens of vendors.



April 23-29, 2012 ~ Veg Week - Washington, DC

veg week

The week-long celebration highlighted the many benefits and flavors of vegetarian eating included more. It was great teaming up with Compassion Over Killing to help get the word out and make this week full of Veg Pledge sign-ups, restaurant specials, movie screenings, and many other events nationwide.


April 22, 2012 ~ Vegan Earth Day - Nationwide

vegan earth dayFor Earth Day 2012, we were happy to support several Earth Day festivals. Our DC event got rained out, further illuminating mother nature's sense of humor. Vegan Earth Day is a great platform to draw the many connections between eating vegan and environmental sustainability.

April 19, 2012 ~ International Human Rights Festival - Fairfax, VA

GMUOutreach coordinator Jaime Hecht tabled among GMU student groups to celebrate the Amnesty International Human Rights Festival. The students were very receptive as we highlighted the connections between human, animal and environmental problems.


April 12, 2012 ~ Feeding The World While The Earth Cooks Conference - DC

Dawn Moncrief offered an inspired point of view during her segment, "Where's The Beef: Your Hamburger in 2050" at the New America Foundation's recent conference, Feeding The World While The Earth Cooks.


April 11, 2012 ~ State Of The World Annual Symposium - Washington, DC

Director Dawn Moncrief attended the Worldwatch Institute’s 15th Annual State of the World Symposium. The event provides new insight into the often overlooked innovations that are working right now on the ground to alleviate hunger and deserve more funding and attention.


April 2, 2012 ~ PB&J Day - Washington, DC and Nationwide

PB&J tableSince making PB&J an official AWFW campaign, it has really taken off. We were thrilled with the response and turn out for our very first PB&J Feed in. We hosted a local feed-in in Washington, DC and two demo's at a Washington and Virginia Whole Foods where we served up PB&J sandwiches are spoke about the environmental benefits of all plant-based meals.


March 31, 2012 ~ PLANEAT Screening and Panel - Washington, DC

We teamed up with Epic Yoga and Benevolent Media for a screening of PLANEAT in Washington, DC. The event had a great turn out and sparked great conversation and served as a momentum for community mobilization in the "green" community.



March 20, 2012 ~ Meatout - International  


For this year's Meatout, A Well-Fed World joined forces with the creators of Meatout, Farm Animal Rights Movement (FARM) for a prolific feed-in in Washington, DC.  At the National Mall, among the tourists and blooming Cherry Blossoms we gave out hundreds of samples of Gardein (vegan chicken) as well as pro-veg literature. 


2011 Past Events...

December 11 ~ FARM's 35th Anniversary Winter Bash

We rounded out our 2011 Holiday events at FARM's annual Winter Bash. Along with the celebration of their 35th year, FARM made an exciting announcement launching their Pay-Per-View truck that will travel the country exposing the hidden realities of Factory Farming.  The party also included special guests Dennis and Elizabeth Kucinich. 


December 10 ~ Compassion Over Killing's Annual Holiday Fundraiser

Dan Piraro graced us with his comedic presence at this year's COK Holiday Bash. Executive Director Erica Meier was inspiring as she revealed all the great strides COK has made for animals during 2011. Here's to another successful year for this great organization.


December 9 ~ Small Planet Gala

We traveled to New York City to attend The Small Planet Fund's annual Gala. Hosts Francis Moore and Anna Lappe treated attendees to a special reception and silent auction benefiting several worthy charities


November 24 ~ Life-Affirming Thanksgiving

More than 280 people enjoyed a gourmet vegan feast at the Vegetarian Society of DC's Life-Affirming Thanksgiving. This annual event brings together vegetarians and non-vegetarians to enjoy compassionate and healthy food in a warm and social setting. This year's guest speaker was Dr. Will Tuttle, author of the World Peace Diet.


November 5 ~ Chicago VeganMania

AWFW traveled to the windy city to participate in the 3rd annual Chicago VeganMania. We couldn't have been more thrilled with the mid-west reception of our message. The event was a monster of activities and a huge success.  


October 27-29 ~ National Conference to End Factory Farming

Organized by Farm Sanctuary the first annual National Conference to End Factory Farming brought together a diverse set of advocates working to end factory farming out of concern animals, the environment, health and hunger reasons.

AWFW participated with speaking, sponsoring and exhibiting. Founding Director, Dawn Moncrieffe, spoke on the increases in global meat consumption and responses to it, with panelists Anteneh Roba of the International Fund for Africa (pictured here) and Mia MacDonald of Brighter Green.

October 26 ~ In Defense of Food

Michael Pollan spoke on the dangers of processed foods urging people to "eat real food, not too much, mostly plants."  This talk is the catalyst for our upcoming section on how animal products are also processed foods with animals being specially bred for egg, dairy or meat production. Their feed, antibiotics, severing of body parts and living conditions are manipulated to that they products can not be considered "natural" or "real" foods.

October 23 ~ Ideal Food and Farming

In honor of the first annual Food Day organized by the Center for Science in the Public Interest, A Well-Fed World and FARM organized this DC event to highlight the benefits of plant-based food and farming. 

This outdoor educational event drew in passersby with our powerful "Make the Connection" human-animal art display, exhibit tables, and pay-per-view videos. 

October 22 ~ Central Florida Veg Fest

Another successful event from all the volunteers from Vegetarians of Central Florida. A Well-Fed World staffed a table at the annual event with the help of a dedicated volunteer. Next up for for the advocacy group: Central Florida Earth Day. 


October 15 ~ Walk For Farm Animals

Captain Dawn Moncrief lead team A Well-Fed World to a second place finish at this year's Farm Sanctuary Walk for Farm Animals.  We walked alongside hundreds of compassionate DC, Maryland and Virginia residents, raising over $500 to benefit the sanctuary's education, advocacy, and rescue efforts.  


October 9 ~ Vegtoberfest 

Vegtoberfest 2011

A beautiful fall day brought out hundreds of Baltimore residents to the debut of Vegtoberfest.  A Well-Fed World sponsored this event and exhibited alongside dozens of other veg friendly organizations.  Kudos to the Open The Cages Alliance for a successful event bringing the veg message to newcomers and educating on the issues with expert speakers.


October 1-2 ~ World Veg Festival

World Veg Day logo

World renowned speakers, top notch exhibitors, delicious food, and entertainment galore marked this year's Word Veg Festival that straddled both World Vegetarian Day (October 1st) and World Farm Animals Day (October 2nd).

A Well-Fed World was a proud sponsor of this not-to-miss event where AWFW's Founding Director, Dawn Moncrief, gave a one-hour presentation on "Our Meat. Their Hunger. Real Connections."

DC Veg fest 2011

September 24 ~ DC VegFest

Another successful event from Compassion Over Killing. We were very well received by all of the district residents at this year's DC VegFest.  Our merchandise was quite the hit and our founding director, Dawn Moncrief gave an inspired presentation on the connection between rising gas prices and meat consumption.  Can't wait till next year!


August 4 ~ Farm Sanctuary Hoe Down: NY

We danced in the people barn and mingled with the residents at the Watkins Glen, NY shelter of Farm Sanctuary.  Holding a steady slot on any vegan bucket list, Farm Sanctuary is a magical place that will inspire and recharge the most jaded activist.  The Hoe Down is a weekend full of entertainment, speakers and exhibits as well as plenty of one on one time with the shelter's hundreds of rescued farm animals.

July 21-25 ~ Animal Rights National Conference: CA

AR2011 Conference TableShowcasing our new powerful exhibit display, AWFW sponsored, tabled, and presented on "Global Issues Affecting Animals" and "Agricultural Campaigns" at the Animal Rights 2011 National Conference organized by FARM. 

As the largest and longest running animal rights conference, it provides organizations and individuals a unique opportunity to garner important information of the state of the movement and strategies to continue growing.  Saturday night's banquet and awards ceremony was emceed by AWFW's Dawn Moncrieffe.  As our final conference for the June/July $5 sign-up campaign benefiting the Ethiopian Feeding Program, a joint of A Well-Fed World, the International Fund for Africa and the Ethiopian Vegan Association, we were thrilled to raise a total of $1200. 

July 15-17 ~ Taking Action For Animals Conference: Washington DC

Another successful Taking Action for Animals Conference in Washington D.C. AWFW was proud to sponsor this event and exhibit alongside hundreds of animal organizations for a weekend of successful outreach, exciting workshops and inspiring speakers.


July 5-9 ~ Summerfest: PA

Founding director, Dawn Moncrief recently attended The 37th Annual Vegetarian Summerfest outside of Pittsburgh, PA. Attendees enjoyed five days of community-building with vegan meals, activities, speakers and exhibits. Dawn had the opportunity to give two one-hour presentations on the connections between global meat consumption and global warming. She also spoke on animal agriculture's impact on global hunger. Photo by Doris Lin

June 17-19 ~ Farm Sanctuary Intern Retreat: NY

Outreach coordinator Jaime Hecht had the privilege of attending this year's Farm Sanctuary Intern Retreat. Mixed with lots of one-on-one time with the Farm Sanctuary's many animal residents was an opportunity to learn from founder and president Gene Baur on the many initiatives to improve the lives of today's farmed animals.  


June 12 ~ Capitol Pride Festival: Washington, DC

We came out with pride and were well-received by all the Washingtonians at this year's Capitol Pride Festival. With the beautiful Capitol Building as our backdrop we reached out to hundreds of individuals. For everyone who signed up with us, we donated $5 to the Ethiopian Feeding Program, a joint campaign of A Well-Fed World, the International Fund for Africa, and the Ethiopian Vegan Association.  The sign-up program was so successful, we decided to continue it for all of June and July. 

June 4-12 ~ International Vegan Festival: Spain

Founding director Dawn Moncrief presented on "The 'Livestock Revolution' and the Global Response" at the eight-day International Vegan Festival. This year's motto was: "A Whole World to Share." Representatives from around the world convened to discuss matters relating to animal protection/rights, the environmental impacts of veganism, nutrition, and other issues regarding the impacts and inefficiencies involved of raising animals for food.

May 15 ~ Veggie Pride Parade: NY

There is no place quite like New York City.  Neither the heat nor the short rain slowed us down as we connected with hundreds of veg and veg-curious New Yorkers once again at this year's Veggie Pride Parade.

AWFW's own Dawn Moncrief was thrilled to return again as a speaker, exhibitor and sponsor to give a new hot-topic presentation on the connection between meat production and gas prices.  A sneak-peak of our work-in-progress: "The Meat Crisis and Gas Prices." Thank you Viva Veggie Society for another successful and inspiring event.  See you next year!

April 30 ~ Baltimore Veg Fest: MD

AWFW reached out to hundreds of college students while enjoying the sunshine, listening to music, and dining on delicious vegan treats at the first annual Baltimore Veg Fest.  Kudos to The Humane League of Maryland for their successful debut. 


April 23 ~ Central Florida Earth Day: FL

AWFW had a "scorchingly" great time reaching out to hundreds of Floridians at the Central Florida Earth Day Festival.  Next up for the volunteer group is Central Florida VegFest to be held in October at Loch Haven Park. 


April 16 ~ UDC Urban Sustainability Action Summit: DC

The first annual International Urban Sustainability Summit focusing on Food Justice, Food Sovereignty, and Food Security took place at the University of the District of Columbia.  AWFW's founding director Dawn Moncrief united with other experts, grassroots leaders and members of the community who came together for the opportunity to exchange information and learn more about the importance of fair and equal access to healthy food options in the urban environment.

April 2 ~ PB&J Day

The PB&J Campaign combats environmental destruction by reducing the amount of animal products people eat.  The PB&J Campaign approaches positive change one meal at a time by illuminating the differences one single dining decision can make.

April 2nd gives everyone an opportunity to think critically about their food choices while enjoying their favorite version of a PB&J sandwich.  It's one of our favorite campaigns because it's a fun, easy way for anyone to make a big difference.

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