India Partnerships: Outreach & Rescue


Update from our partner Arpan Sharpa, Chief Executive Office of FIAPO (Federation of Indian Animal Protection Organisations).

I am excited to share with you an update on our vegan outreach work that your support and the AWFW partnership has enabled.

1. The leaflets that we are using are now available. Using these, test activities are being run at various locations in Mumbai.

2. Our first test took us to NCPA, where an IIT event was under way. Leaflets were handed out to the young students, and we where thrilled by their response! You can see some photos.

3. The next test was held at Mood Indigo, a cultural festival of the Indian Institute of Technology, Mumbai. There was enthusiastic response from the college students with nearly 80% of the leaflets being retained and carried away by the students.

4. We also experimented with leafleting on a suburban train from Andheri to Churchgate and back. While this has a lot of potential because of the large number of people that can be reached, we are investing in stronger planning and preparation so as to reap maximum benefit of this opportunity.

5. Other leafleting events have been held at:

  • KC College : Churchgate
  • Eros Theater : Churchgate
  • Lokhandwala market : Andheri
  • Inorbit Mall : Malad
  • Mind Space office complex Malad

6. We have had a fantastic collaboration with Taj Hotel in Bangalore. As part of this, they have been having regular vegan cooking demos. We have had 2 demos so far. You can read about them. Here are photos.

7. The media has been excited about the spread of veganism and have extensively covered the Taj –FIAPO collaboration. Links to some of the first media story and second media story.

8. Read also about our cooking demo.

AWFW’s partnership has helped thousands of animals by enabling people to make compassionate choices. I would like to underline your instant support, Dawn, that has enabled our work towards this end.       

Carrying this vision forward, we are gearing up to help vegan enthusiasts in Hyderabad become more effective at conveying their message to others and help more people in the city convert to vegan. This is in addition to further expansion of leafleting as well as building on the partnership with Taj Hotels.

In the next 5 months:

1. We are looking to distribute nearly 10,000 leaflets;

2. Expand to at least one more city

3. Increase the vegan events with Taj Hotel

4. Through these we aim to impact at least 12,000 additional people.